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New Desires

I am no longer who I was. The old has passed away. This new soul thirsts for the Lord. A desire for the living God is stronger than ever. He has redefined this life, and renewed my hope. "The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree," (Psalms 92:12)
   It is so beautiful to delve into the wonders of the Lord. He makes all things bright and lovely. This troublesome life is worth living when everyday is flooded with His Presence. I will never grow tired of experiencing His mercy and love. My all I will give to Him. I long for others to feel Him, and to know Him more and more.
   You have given me a new purpose. In You I am filled with hopefulness. You give me strength, peace, and vitality. I have no reason to be afraid, because You will never let me go. In Your hands, my life is placed. I will trust in You.
   I do not have to fret about a thing. Because You are my God, I should not fear. I know that I have victory in Christ Jesus. He has defeated all of my enemies, so I will…

Life Outside the Fear Cage

One of my most frequent pass times is worrying. I know that it is a terrible way to spend my days, but it is so easy to get caught up in the "what if" frame of mind. We've all been there, fretting over tomorrow. What we really should be doing, instead of focusing on what we are worries us, is focusing on God's grace. He is sufficient for us.
   When our minds become tangled in anxiety, we start to doubt that God can handle things. We forget who God really is. He's the creator of the universe. I'm pretty sure He can take care of whatever it is that we worry about. Yet sometimes our eyes shift from one worry to the next and it becomes a habit for us. 
   We start to become comfortable in concerns. When we are comfortable being scared, it puts a negative effect on our ministry. How many non-believers are going to look at someone who is completely engulfed in anxieties and say, "Wow! That looks great! I want some of that!" No, of course not. Because no…

The Fruit of the Spirit

God, help us. Restore our vision to see what it is you see. Help us to see the beauty. Help us to look at things through your eyes. Heal our broken eyes. Give us hope and peace. You do not create mistakes, we are Your children. Save us from ourselves.
   Help us to be more like You. Change our hearts' desires. Give us a new perspective when things seem to spin out of control, or don't go our way. Let us produce the fruit of the Spirit. Help us to revolt the ways of the flesh. Please give us Your strength to say no to earthly pleasures. Fleeting happiness is not what we want. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21)

   Lord, I pray that we would come to reflect your mercies. I pray that we would strive, not to please or impress, but to love one another just as you love us.    "Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God." (Ephe…

I Hunger and Thirst

My entire being. Every bone. Every moment. Aches to be with Jesus. Ever since I can remember, I've had the deepest affection for Him. Drawings, love notes, five-year old poems. I was an incipient evangelist.

Obviously, my favorite thing to do was write to Jesus. He was, and still is, always on my mind. He has always been my joy. There is simply nothing more important to me than worshipping my Savior. I can't remember what life was like before knowing Him. Probably because I was born into a foreignland. This is not my home, and it has been evident for several years.    There is no other name as beautiful as Jesus. Jesus. When His name is spoken, the surrounding atmosphere is flooded with the peace of His Presence. He is everywhere. He is lovely.    If one were to ask me about my love, Jesus, I'm not sure I'd be able to stop pouring out my adoration. He is wondrous and beautiful. He is matchless. Nothing compares to Him.    Everyday that passes is just another day closer …

Are We There Yet?

Often times I disconnect myself from this world and mourn about how badly I miss my true home. I feel a longing to be up there, with Jesus, in Heaven. It's difficult not to feel jealous of those who have already entered the gates. I need a boost from my Father to keep my head up.
   I'm constantly asking, "When can I come be with You, Jesus?" I know that it's not my time now, but I can't help but be very homesick. It is another reminder that I'm just passing through here. It is further proof that we are not citizens of this earth. The world is temporary, but Heaven is eternal. Heaven is where we're destined to be, and nothing at all could ever take this from us.
   "For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!" (2 Corinthians 4:17)
   It is as if He is encouraging me to keep going, saying, "It will be over before you know it, My child. …

Free to Struggle

Today I was listening to a song by Tenth Avenue North called "The Struggle". When I first heard the song, I didn't fully understand it. I suppose it didn't really click with me then, but now I get it.
Lord I falter and I fall down Then I hold on to the chains you broke
   See when I fall down, it is so easy to grab what is comfortable, and what I'm used to doing. This happens because the enemy attacks when we're at our weakest points. I've touched on this subject before, he uses stuff that really messes with our minds, and it's different for everyone. When we feel sad or upset, that is when the fiery darts are aimed at us.
Hallelujah We are free to struggle We're not struggling to be free
   Now hold on. We're free to struggle in our lives, but at the same time we aren't struggling to be free? If you're lost about this, it's okay. I didn't understand it either. But then, it occurred to me. In my life I have troubles daily, but I kn…

Prayer Power

The coldest of cold days, the longest of nights, the loudest of cries out to God, "Save this child!" The pain and sorrow led to the prayer. It all started with a prayer.   In James 5:13 it says, "Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray." The bible put special emphasis on the importance of prayer. When you pray, God gives you His full attention. God listens to your every word. If you are filled with fears, He is ready to bear the burden for you. If you're overcome with joy and gladness, He delights in the sound of your thankfulness.    This past December, something happened. I got very sick and very weak. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through, nor did my dearest mother. Little did I know that every night I laid down to rest, she was ridden with anxiety. Anxieties lead to prayer, and prayer leads to action. My mother was a warrior, a prayer warrior, in the midst of it all.    Nights seemed longer than ever for her, and she'd often w…

Abundant Life and Who's in Charge

Jesus came not to condemn us, but to redeem us. Jesus came to break the bondages of sin. Jesus came to set us free from fear. Jesus came to save. "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." (John 10:10)
   God intended for us to live joyful lives. He wants us to walk with Him, trusting Him every step of the way. He wants us to live in peace knowing He is Lord of all, and that He has got it all under control. Fear is when we don't believe God can handle our situations.
Life. Life is so beautiful. When a baby is born, it's not useless or a mistake. A baby is God's creation. Life is a miracle. When a mother cow gives birth to her calf there is a sweet, tender loving relationship. This baby calf is not a mistake, and neither is a newborn human baby. All things happen because God planned them to happen.
   "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him." (Psalms 127:3) You see, children are a gift! When a…