Jesus All The Time

   Today, and everyday, I'll remind my soul to whom I belong. I belong to Jesus. I'll write His name on my heart, my hand, and across every land. Jesus. I'll trace those beautiful letters everywhere I can. In a journal, in the sand, in the fog, or in the snow. I don't know where it'll go, but I'll keep on telling self that I'm His and He's mine.

   No matter the day's difficulties, I'll find hope and peace and rest at the mention of His name. The day can completely turn around with one five letter word - Jesus.

   I know I'll fall short throughout the day, and I'll find myself in many dead ends, but with the help of my Savior, Jesus, I'll come out victorious. There's nothing at all that can ruin me, because I have Jesus. All I need is... Jesus.

   It's so simple. Fear is not needed, and surely not welcomed, for I have the God of all comfort on my team. Sometimes it's easy to become consumed with earthly things, but once my lips utter His glorious and powerful name, it's all better. I find my rest, I find my assurance, and I find myself in Him.

   So many people are wandering in this life. They're wandering because they don't know who they are. It's so simple. It's so simple to just lose oneself and let go of the world's customs. Let go of what the world does and desires, and embrace all the glory that's found in the Lord.

   An all consuming, all powerful Fire is waiting to be ignited within your soul. Open up your heart. Let the iciness melt, and allow Yahweh to fill you. Let every breath, every moment, and every space be fully filled with Jesus.

   It's all I've ever wanted, truly, and it's all He wants. Intimate relationship. God wants you. He longs to hold your heart and be your number one. Bust down the doors to your soul, and call Him in. All the hesitation only harms yourself. God will wait for you, and He's waiting for you to answer His call. Those tugs on your heart, that's Him longing to be with you - forever.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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