Hungry Souls Find Their Nourishment

   Lately I've been a little distracted. I haven't been seeing things right, and it's been zapping my energy and vitality. I'm in great need of a revival of hope. I'm searching for more of Him.

   The love of God is immense. It's so great that when I think about it for a long time, the hardness built up on my heart begins to erode away. Then, there is revealed a tender and empty heart begging to be filled with this love, this Lord. Dear Lord, I need to be filled with more of You.

   It's clear that when people are empty, they do not thrive. Empty people are searching, hungry, and hurting people. What is it that we seek? Do we even know? God knows. We are all looking for love, but we keep getting let down. People cannot fulfill what our hearts crave. The only love that can satisfy is the Love of God. His love is perfect, and His love is a river.

   In Him there is no more emptiness. When we come to the Well, we don't thirst. When we reach for the Word of the Lord, our hungry souls find nourishment. There's no more hurting hole inside our hearts, for the God of love has come and saved us all.

   In the midst of the pain it may not seem like there's any hope, but I assure you that He sees your hurting. There is no need to feel lost anymore, God has called you His own. Wanderers find shelter, empty souls are filled to the full, scars are covered by the blood of the Lamb, and bondages are undone in His mighty Presence.

   There is power in the Name of Jesus. Tremendous glory is owed to the Son of God. We will stand in awe and worship. The spotless Lamb of God was sacrificed for abundant and eternal life, so do not fill your life with questions and want. Declare with your mouth the truths that are found in the Lord, and stand your ground with certainty. 

   We are not orphans, we are not missing anything, but we are children of God and complete in all righteousness of Jesus. It's through Him and for Him, so our thirst is quenched in Jesus.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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