Goodbye May, hello June! What a marvellous month you've been, but I'm ready for the new to begin. May has been a month best described as the first few miles of a marathon. Starting a new adventure. It's scary at first, but the key is to make sure you don't deviate your focus. Christ within, Heaven ahead, there joy abounds. May was the start of a brand new life for me. The entire month resonated with the sound of chains *smack* crashing down to the ground. Oh what a beautiful sound... He cut those chains off me, and now I'm free. I'm free from everything that once paralyzed me with fear, and it's all because my gracious Saviour heard my cry. He came and He rescued me. When my life had hit a DEAD END, God had a better plan. His BEST plan. 

--> Redemption. Renewal. Restoration. <-- 

There's nothing He can't do. This new life exists to exalt Him. This healed heart beats to bring Him honour. These whole lungs breath to shout His praises, and these strong feet run into His promises. 

(!) NEVER FORGET: There's always hope, because God never gives up on us. <-- Would you believe? Would you believe He can cut YOU from your chains too? There's so much more life on the other side. 

--> Faith frees and fear flees. <-- 

This can be your song too! Would you believe? Would you believe that THIS year, THIS month, THIS very day can be your BEST year, BEST month, and BEST day ever? God can do that. God can ignite an inextinguishable joy in your heart too.

• June? Let's call you the month of joy. Join me? Join me in singing, delighting, and truly LIVING this life from the Lord with ALL we've got - holding nothing back? He's got us. We're under HIS control. We can live and not look back. Never look back. God is before us, and His face is the Light that leads us Home. So let's run this race! Let's live this life! Ready? Set? GO! #JoyfulJune

- The Introverted Evangelist 


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