Forever in Our Hearts

   Dear God, I'm not mad at You. I'm just sad. Twelve years doesn't seem like enough, but I understand it's Your turn to hold him. I'll miss him. I'll miss all the fun times we had with him. I'll miss his big brown eyes and fluffy face. I know he loves us, and we sure love him. I know there's a place for him up there, and he'll get lots of ear scratchies.
   I know he'll be able to run free up there. His old frail body will be new. He'll be with the other souls I miss. But most importantly, he wont be hurting anymore. I just need to know, that he knows how much I'm going to miss him. I need him to really understand how much I love him. Without him there is a hole in my heart. He's irreplaceable and unforgettable.
   I remember when he'd chase us around the pool for hours on end. I remember snuggling up to him in my tent. I remember that every year I would buy him a little sweater for Christmas. He'd tear open the wrapping paper to reveal the most handsome sweater, perfect for a handsome boy.
   I remember giving him treats and having him gently take them from my hand. I remember his energy bursts when he'd run around the house like mad. He was so full of life.
   But now, it's time for him to be with you. New adventures. New life. I'm not mad at You, God. I know it's what is best. As long as he isn't in pain, You can take him now. I will miss him. We'll miss you Guinness...

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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