Forever and Ever

   The moment I was broken, You came and rescued me. The darkest day I can remember, but there was hope because You were always with me. There wasn't a second when I was alone or abandoned. I remember feeling Your presence and knowing that I am safe.

   Now that I have come so close to You, I never want to move from here. I never want my light to burn out. I always wish to be intimately close with You. My life is lived for You. My heart, Lord, I give to You. You are my everything, and I ask that this would always be my reality.

   You have been so good to me, God. You are more than enough for me. I pour out my gratitude, for it is You that deserves all praise and glory. May I be a living vessel of Your love, so that all might see that it's You who is within me.

   Forever and ever shall I be Yours. Forever and ever I will praise Your glorious name. Forever and ever I will dwell in Your courts. I love You, my Lord. Never let it be lost, my passion for You.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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