Sing Songs of Praise

   The warm kiss of light from the early morning sun. The delightful chirping of the birds that fly about in joyfulness. The river that flows down the stream splashing and slopping upon the cold, wet rocks. Everything around us sings songs of praise. All that surrounds us is proof of His pure divinity.

   You are the air that I breathe. You are the light that shines within me. You are everything to me, God. All that is pure and good is found in You. Though pain and sorrows come my way, I know that it is You that comforts me every day.

   I will always sing of Your goodness and Your love, my Lord. You are dearest to my heart, and You are my strong Shepherd. You lead me out into places that I do not know, but all that I've seen gives me assurance to jump out and go.

   Your grace has never left me, and now I live to proclaim Your glory. What wondrous things You have done! What honor You deserve, Savior God. I will throw off pride and worship You with passion and adoration. You are crowned with glory and clothed with splendor.

   You've taught me things I'd never known. You have revealed to me the most astonishing things, and yet it is only the start. I am beside myself with ecstasy to journey in love with You. Plant in me the seed of Your love. I only want to love like You.

   Because You are my heart's desire, I will run this race with the utmost endurance and jubilance. All victory is Yours God. All that is in the earth will declare You reign.

   As for right now, I will continue to take pleasure in the smaller things that reveal the Lord's glory. The birds, the rivers, the rising and setting sun, and so, so much more. All of creation is proof of our magnificent Creator. There is none like Him. Sing these songs or gratitude and praise. Pour out Your hearts, give Him your all, for He has done marvelous things. Remember that there will be a day when all will confess these truths.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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