Declare Who You Are

   I'm looking up today. I'm proclaiming that I am not a victim to the enemy. I may struggle with the lies he uses to try to penetrate my mind, but I know who I really am. I'm a child of God.

   I refuse to hang my head or drown in my constant worries, because I know that I can take what's bugging me right to my Father. I guarantee that He'll take care of all those anxious thoughts. He cares about our fears. He loves us dearly.

   The real reason I can often become hung up on the enemy's nasty lies is because he's jealous, angry, and bitter. He's so determined to steal our joy because he has no joy whatsoever. I can be filled with joy and peace because I'm destined for heave, but he is steaming with rage because he is going nowhere. He gets to stay right where he is: in hell.

   Once I can be completely confident that my God is way bigger than all my anxieties, that's when all Satan's lies will seem so ridiculously silly. God loves me and Satan hates me. God tells me I'm "wonderfully made", but the devil tells me that I'm "Inefficient and don't need to take care of myself, because whatever your team has been telling you isn't true. They're all trying to trick you." Which do I believe?

   Once it's written down it's plain as day: the enemy is just a big liar. He's nothing but an elementary school playground bully. Oh what a pitiful thing he is. So, I'll be over here enjoying everything my Father has blessed me with: my salvation in Jesus, my family, my home up in heaven (which you don't get to enjoy, remember?), my team, and yes the things that seem "too good to be true"! Have a grand time down there in hell, Satan, because that's where you're staying!

   Declare your freedom! Do not give the enemy any sort of feelings of satisfaction. You are not a victim to him. You are royalty, remember! Don't forget that you're now adopted into the royal family of the Lord. God bless you!

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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