Separation Anxiety

   Well over a year ago, I experienced a very traumatic event that forever changed me. It not only changed the way I live my everyday life, but it also affected my feelings towards being alone. That dreadful Friday evening I was abandoned, or so I though. Turns out I had unlocked a treasury of marvelous Presence. The Lord was closer than ever.

   I would've never believed that such an awful time in my life could've turned into something so beautiful. But, God likes to make beauty out of ashes, doesn't He? Ah, He never ceases to surprise me in the most delightful ways.

   However, that experience did leave it's own share of scars. I now face a fear of being alone, but I know I'm not ever really alone. I know that the Lord is always by my side. I know from personal experience that even when the going gets tough, and I feel abandoned or forgotten, my Father holds me close.

   I've discovered the most satisfying Well of Truths. I have unleashed a brand new perspective on things. I can now see that He has, in fact, always been with me. And, to top it all off, He wants for me to lean on Him. The Lord is filled with joy and gladness. His heart is kind, though I am a mess. I know I am secured right here, right now, so I will never have a doubt. I am not alone.

   I wrote that so that I can always assure myself of the truth, and the truth is I'm not ever going to be abandoned. It's impossible for me to be abandoned, because my Father is always with me. He tells us that in the Bible!

   "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." (Deuteronomy 31:8)

   Seriously, could there have been a more perfect verse? Isn't it grand the way God reveals Himself to us? It never lets me down, that's for certain! He is so good. My heart is overloaded in joyous courage. I know who I am; I am His. I know my name, for my name is daughter of the King over all!

   Abba, Father, hear me. Your child longs to be with You. Abba, hear my cry, all I want and all I need is found in YOU. My security is in YOU, not my circumstances. Circumstances are ever-changing, but YOU are everlasting, never-changing. This is where I put my faith, in YOU.

   Abba, Father, hear Your children pleading. We only want to know You more and more. We only want to be held in Your arms, where we know we're safe. We can say with a fearless attitude, "I am never, ever abandoned. The Lord is with me always."

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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