Shelter in the Storm Song

   I trust in You, Father. 
I know that I am safe in You. 
I believe that You are greater than the storms that rage. 
Though the wind blows and rainfalls extravagantly, the Lord is my shelter.

   Thunder crashes all around, and bolts of light still abound. 
But I will not fear, for the Lord my Shepherd is always near. 
My heart is set on trusting in You, and I know that You will see me through. 
I will always have this delight, because I am safe throughout the night.

   The Lord is loving, caring and pure. His protection is for sure. 
Let Him hold you safe and sound, and feel His grace all around. 
Whisper of His gentle voice allow me to still rejoice. 
Father, I know I'm secured right here.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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