This Renewed Understanding

   My eyes are filled, they're filled with tears of joy and gratitude. This love I find in the Father is so pure. It's never ending and never failing. It hasn't given up on me, even though the road has been rough and often painful. Through all of the hurt, I know I can press into my Savior.

   With all my might I cry out and plead for a hand to grasp, only to find I'm already being held in His arms. Love so deep it erodes the fears. Intimacy so pure it changes my heart's desires. Now all I want it to be with my God.

   Renewed vision of who You are, Father, gives me more reasons to fully trust in You than I could ever count. I know why there is an awful roadblock. It is because my enemy wants to keep me from You, Father. He wants to stop me from praising You and living for You.

   The very thought of being kept from You tears me up and breaks my heart. I never want anything else but Your presence filling my being. Please don't ever let this longing leave. Don't ever let this passionate light stop burning within my soul. 

   I will shine until the day this soul departs to be there with You, my God. And once I've lived all my days here on earth, I'll live right there with You more joyfully than ever before. Let this life be unleashed from within me. I will live! I will live for the Lord, and no power can stop me! It's time to demonstrate my love for the Lord, and live in trust. Here I go!

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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