Quiet Times

   Lately, it has become very apparent that when I write, I rely solely on the Holy Spirit to guide me. I've always known this, and I am continually reminding myself that this is the work of the Lord manifested within me. I give God glory for every good and perfect gift.

   When I'm writing I find much joyous delight that can only come from above. My heart is so full of thankfulness that is due to my Heavenly Father. Writing is one of my ways of dumping my overflowing heart onto His feet just as a sacrifice of oil in gratitude.

   My love for God moves my heart. It compels me to invest more of my time in His Presence, and to ultimately live for Him. Ultimately, abundantly, eternally HIS. He is all around, and now my eyes are opened to see this reality.

   The words on these pages are my song, and the inspiration for the beautifully crafted art is Him. He is my all. He is the reason that I sing, or write, rather.

   I know that I cannot do this on my own. I will forever declare it. I will never cease giving Him my worship and turning the applause upwards to the Heavens, for it is God alone who is worthy to be praised.

   With the knowledge of this truth in my mind, knowing that the writing is simply Him in my heart, I will confidently rest assured for His timing to be the only way. In quiet times, I will wait with anticipation for the next beautiful masterpiece. In the overflowing times, I will joyfully watch Him go to work. I will always lean on God, I will trust His timing at all times, and I will enjoy the joy with a thankful heart.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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