The Lord is My Shepherd

You have given me all I need, O Lord. 
You have shown me Your loving touch. 
Your grace abounds mightily in the middle of my mayhem and misunderstanding. 
Your love has followed me into the deepest depths. 
Your patience, oh Father, your perfect patience has pursued me even in the pit of my humanity. 
How wondrous are Your works, my Mighty Lord,
Moving in mysterious ways I am unable to understand. 
You're much more miraculous than words could ever describe, 
And Your power portrays itself throughout all the earth. 
Mountains move and cannot keep themselves collected at the utterance of Your words. 
You are mighty and full of awe! 
How the strongest of warriors is incomparable to the strength of Your force and vigor, 
O my Saviour, You are so much more! 
Beholding Your beauty is beyond the capacity of our feeble frail flesh. 
We cannot help our astonishment towards even the meek changing of a caterpillar to a butterfly. 
The slow and steady carving of a mountain by a minute stream of flowing water, 
It's molded in Your mighty hands. 
The tranquil trilling of the blusterous winds is conducted by You, 
Our creative, masterful, and glorious God. 
How marvelous You are Lord, so marvelous I cannot comprehend!

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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