His Grace

   Oh what grace You have shown me, my Lord, that even when I habitually sin, You still hold me close. I have no doubt that Your love for us all is completely unfailing and everlasting. I am amazed by Your patience for me, God. 

   "The Lord is merciful and gracious, Slow to anger, and abounding in mercy." (Psalms 103:8)

   "The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, Slow to anger and great in mercy." (Psalms 145:8)

   Now I see what You have so lovingly done for me. Now I know that I am secure. I am ever so grateful for Your love. A simple "thank you" will not suffice. You are so merciful, and You relent from doing harm. I am confident in the fact that no matter how far off I wander, You will always welcome me home with open arms.

   Your love is perfect. You are the Great I Am. You are the One who reigns over all for all eternity. You are my hope and my peace. I trust that You will never leave my side. I can declare that I will never be abandoned, for Your compassion is always upon me.

   I love You, my Lord, but what significant love You have for me. That love of Yours, which surpasses all, is solely found in You. You are all that is pure and lovely. You are beautiful. You are so good, God.

   "O Lord, You have searched me and known me." (Psalms 139:1) You are aware of my sinful nature and acquainted with all my ways, yet You still love me. "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is high, I cannot attain it." (Psalms 139:6)

   Your love is undeniably incomprehensible. It's so perfect and flawless, that we don't understand it. Your grace is astoundingly abundant. It goes farther than the oceans stretch and flood our very souls. You are miraculously merciful. The miracle at the cross is incomparable mercy for all God's children. Nothing will ever separate us. You amaze me Lord.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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