Strong Faith

   Everything can start with one slippery thought, and it's all down-hill from there. Don't let your mind become choked by the enemy. He has a plan, and it's a very horrid plan. Three words to denote the enemy's mindset: discourage, deceive, destroy.
   First, you may feel sad and disappointed (bonus points for another "D" word?). Then the enemy creeps in and tries to trick you, and get you to believe his malicious lies. And because you feel extra crummy you may think it sounds convincing, and then try to implement it into your mind. Do not let icky thoughts reside in your head! It is extremely important to keep one thing at the center of your thoughts: Jesus.
   When your mind is set on Christ, nothing can disturb you. He brings peace and joy, but the enemy thrusts nasty, dirty, gross thoughts of sorrow and anger. Don't give in. When such thoughts come your way, hold up the shield of faith and say NO!

   It is so easy to go with what you think sounds realistic. All those what-ifs start to pile up, and it can quickly overtake you. Worry snatches away peace of mind. When we focus on God and how good He is, we are reminded of our great reward. When we think about how we will spend eternity with Jesus, peace is restored in our lives.
   Praise Him, for He has given us hope. He has renewed our faith and strength. Through Him we have victory. Nothing can defeat us, because we have Christ by our side. What reassurance He brings to us. What marvelous things He has done for us.
   "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)
   If we ask, God will strengthen our faith. Whenever we are feeling discouraged or deceived, God will come and save us from destruction. He is faithful. He won't let us fall. He doesn't sit up in heaven laughing at our failures, the devil does that. He cares for us deeply, and desires to have fellowship with us. In order to have a very close and intimate relationship with Jesus, we must have faith and trust in Him.
   Once we are flourishing in our relationship with Christ, we will notice a change in perspective. Trials and tribulations are now doors to become even closer. When hardships come, it will be our very first instinct to press in on God. He provides comfort and hope in times of need. He gives us the strength to be thankful for even the worst of days. 
   With His hand in ours, nothing is impossible. We are going to make it. We can do this. Because God is constantly with us, we shouldn't fear one tiny bit. Worry is unnecessary. Anxiety is useless. Our hope is in Christ the Lord.
   Because we have such a lovely attitude towards such things, others are going to notice and wonder what it is that keeps us so joyful. Streams of love and kindness overflow from our hearts. God has blessed us greatly, now let us bless those around us. Let's show the compassion God shows us to every living creature. Let God's love abound throughout the earth. How beautiful it will be. The day is coming. Rejoice!

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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