Set Free Forever

   Fear is just a lie. Every worry present in my wandering mind is just a clever little tactic. The enemy is trying to destroy me. Every time I doubt God's glorious abilities, he is thrilled and laughs at me. I don't want the enemy to feel like he has any authority over me. Because he doesn't. No, he has no power over me whatsoever. No matter how many times he tries to convince me otherwise. It is not true. The enemy was defeated hundreds and hundreds of years ago when my savior died on the cross. Nice try, but not today!
   I'm so sick of him mocking me and dictating my days. This is my life the Lord gave to me. This life is a gift. I refuse to live in misery because of him. I refuse to give in to the temptations. I refuse to be bullied by the enemy. I am not a victim! I am victorious!
   "Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage." (Galations 5:1)
   It is written: I am free. I am not a slave to sin. I have been forgiven. I have been made new. Nothing that the enemy says is true. He is nothing but a liar. The enemy's goal is only to discourage me, destroy me, and kill me. Not going to happen. I am a child of the One true living King. If there's anything the enemy wants to do to me, he's going to have to speak with my Father first. Take that devil!
   I'm tired of living in bondage. I want to live the life God intended me to live. Freely. Life is a beautiful, beautiful gift. I want to cherish the life the Lord gave to me. I want to use it to tell everyone about how miraculous my Father in Heaven is. Freedom is right in front of me, and all I must do to achieve it is reach out to the Father. He's ready to take away my fears and worries. He's holding my hand every step of the way. The road home may seem long and dreadful, but in Christ it can be lovely.
   From this day on, I will choose to take every concern to Jesus. After all, I will be with Him for eternity. I love my sweet Jesus. Better yet, He loves us all even more than we could possibly imagine.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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