His Chosen Ones

   "And we know that in all things God works for the good (ἀγαθός) of those who love (ἀγάπη) him, who have been called (κλητός) according to his purpose (πρόθεσις). (Romans 8:28)

   πρόθεσις/prothesis: noun. a purpose or design set forth for a plan. The Lord uses this as the heart of His calling specific people to salvation. You see, all along God knows who He is going to use for His great plan/will/prothesis. He calls certain people for certain reasons. Those whom God chooses are called for His own good pleasure and design, not because they've earned it or deserve it. It's all for His ultimate purpose.

   "For those God foreknew (προγινώσκω) he also predestined (προορίζω) to be conformed (σύμμορϕος) to the likeness (εἰκών) of his Son (υἱός), that he might be the firstborn (πρωτότοκος) among many brothers (ἀδελϕός)." (Romans 8:29)

   Let me focus on the word conformed. This word is the word σύμμορϕος or symmorphos. This word is comprised of the words syn (together with) and morphē (form).

   The preposition syn (σύν) depicts nearness or with close connection. It is also used when one is with and suffers with another in a relationship. In Attic Greek (the prestige dialect that was spoken in Ancient Greek such as Attica, and that includes Athens.), syn meant "including" as wells as "with the aid of", but the preposition meta (μετά) only meant "in company with". Therefore, syn depicts a companionship, association with, and a certain togetherness.

   What I gather from this is that when we are predestined to do the Will of God, we are gifted with the constant help and companionship of Christ Jesus. We are not made to go it alone, We will never be abandoned, remember?

   Christ is the firstborn, and using the theologically significant title, makes Him to have supremacy over all of creation. We are conformed into the likeness of the Son. However, the word used here for likeness also depicts a reflected image. The same way when the sunlight reflects of the water, this doesn't make the water turn into a star, rather it makes a reflection of it.

   We aren't transformed into obtaining supremacy, but we are adopted and conformed as brethren of Christ. When we are made children of God we step into that predestined plan, and in order to fulfill His Will, God gave us the supreme One to guide and have fellowship with us.

   We are heirs of Royalty in Jesus. We are chosen children, and Yahweh knew our stories before we were ever conceived or born. All of His chosen ones are designed differently and specifically so that we would be able to successfully complete His divine plan. That plan He knew before time ever began, and we are the ones to put it into action. We surely are a chosen generation of God's children.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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