Our Savior is Coming

   "Now have come the salvation (σωτηρία) and the power and the kingdom (βασιλεία) of our God, and the authority (ἐξουσία) of his Christ (Χριστός). For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses (κατηγορέω) them before our God day and night, has been hurled down (βάλλω)." (Revelation 12:10)

   βασιλεία/basileia: This word basileia depicts a kingdom, but it is also royal dominion. Basileia, in this verse, is the kingdom of God. It also expresses the rule within our hearts as Christians, and the way we are lead by Him. This word used in Revelation 12:10 reveals to us that the day is coming when the eternal kingdom of Christ and all of His awesome glory shall reign.

   σωτηρία/sōtēria: Sōtēria comes from the word sōtēr, which means a savior, deliverer, and one who rescues another from destruction or danger and places that other into a shelter of safety. This root is so incredible to me, because of how the word sōtēria is used in this verse.

   The word σωτηρία is commonly used to depict the glorious event of the return of Jesus, but it also has a much more eye-opening meaning. Considering sōtēr, it is evident the word sōtēria has to do with being protected from danger and destruction. 

   The word sōtēria doesn't only mean Christ's Second Coming, but it is also used to depict an eternal deliverance and the preservation from destructive or threatening dangers.

   This deep and meaningful word can be related to how, in the end, many horrifying and detrimental events will occur. In such hazardous times, we must secure our salvation in the One that can save us, protect us, and deliver us once and for all. We will trust in Christ our Lord and sōtēr!

   Χριστός/Christos: The word Christ in this verse is the Greek word Christos. The word comes from chriō, and it's a verb that means to anoint. Therefore, this word clearly tells us that Christ (Christos) is our anointed King, and He's coming with all power and authority.

   ἐξουσία/exousia: The authority of God's Christos is coming soon. This word authority is exousia in Greek, and this noun paints a perfect picture in this verse. You see, this word is the word used for authority, power, and rule. In other words, Christ's reign is coming. 

   One factor of this word I find very interesting is that it can also depict a commission. This gives us the plain understanding that Jesus's duty or command is to save those called according to God's big plan, and to have the dominion and power over all. God has commissioned our Savior and His return is nearing.

   κατηγορέω/katēgoreō: In this verse, accuses is the Greek word katēgoreō. This verb is used to tell us our enemy's motive. This word comes from the word kata, which means against, and the word agoreuō, which means to speak

   When you put these two words together, you get a word that means to speak against, to condemn, to denounce, or to openly shame. In context, you now see that our adversary is constantly shouting out condemnatory accusations at us.

Using our newly acquired knowledge, here is a translated version or Revelation 12:10:

"Now has come the One who rescues His children from danger and destruction. Our anointed King has come to reign over all with royal dominion and power. As for the repulsive accuser, the one who publicly denounces the Lord's children every single day and night, he has been defeated. Our enemy has been thrown out and put into his place by the One who rules in all the earth."

   Take heart and have no fear, for the Redeemer's return is very near. Declare that our accuser is nothing but a loser. The victory is won, because Christ has overcome!

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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