The Morning Song

   He came to set us free. He came so that the proper penalty of sin would be removed from us. He saved us from death. He paid our ransom. He gave us life. Glory and honor to the Lamb of God! Shout out His goodness!

   In the morning I arise and turn my head up toward the skies. My heart is replenished with hope at once. The Father looks at me and He smiles. Shortly after my eyes are opened, I lavish my admiration upon the Shepherd. He delights in me and I rejoice in His peaceful Presence.

   A cool autumn breeze rushes through the bright golden leaves. All of the earth seems to declare His marvelous works. Thank You, Father. You are everywhere. I only want to breathe You in continually. I never want to leave Your presence. I am energized and refreshed when I'm with You. My everything, Lord, is You.

   You've covered me with Your grace. You've cleansed me from all of my unrighteous ways. My heart sings for You, and my soul longs for You. You are so pure, so good, and so great. I love You, Lord Jesus, I will never stop praising You.

   -The Introverted Evangelist


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