Your Perfect Love Displaces Fear

Your Perfect Love Displaces Fear:

Love. At the very core of my being, Lord, may Your matchless love be planted in my soul. May the roots of Your truth extend down into the soil, deeper and deeper, penetrating any strongholds of doubt or distress.

May Your love begin to displace distrustannihilate anxiety, and restore to me a renewed sense of faithful courage.

Help me to know the truth that You are the Lord of Love, not of confusion and deceit. You're not trying to lure me into believing false realities. You long to make known to me the utter freedom of running out of the chains of fear-fraught thinking. You want to rescue my mind from this prison of poisonous lies.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

You offer me the promise of Your Spirit of Love and Truth. It's only by Your Truth and Your kindness that I can be truly set free from the gruelling grip of fear and doubt.

Lord, I thank You for this reminder today. Thank You that You've not given me a spirit of fear, but You have given me a spirit of love, truth, and Your resurrection power inside of me. You've blessed me with a sound mind that is grounded in Your Word. Help me to look to You when my eyes feel clouded by doubts and distrust. Help me to remember to always reaffirm my confidence in Your goodness and compassion.

I choose to have faith in Your faithful favour over me. Your goodness has never failed me. You never change. Therefore I can be certain that You won't forsake me now. I'm running to You, my God. I'm running into the precious Presence of Your unfailing love and pureness. Selah... Happy Sunday indeed...

-The Introverted Evangelist


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