Live by the Spirit

Live by the Spirit:

"So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh." (Galatians 5:16)

Holy Spirit, we come to You this day. Our hearts are open, we're ready to receive all that You are. We hunger for Your goodness, purity, holiness, and faithfulness. Come, O Holy One, and inhabit our prayers. Come fill us with Your Presence. We long to discover more of You.

We know that this place in which we currently reside is only temporary. All this world is fading fast, and only You and Your Kingdom shall last.

"Dear friends, I urge you as strangers and temporary residents to abstain from fleshly desires that war against you." (1 Peter 2:11)

Hostile humanity burns and blusters, threatening my peace and joy. The flesh is an obliterative tactic of the enemy. Submitting to its alluring lies always results in demise. The flesh only desires to steal peace, trample on joy, and ultimately destroy.

Spirit of the Holy One fall down on us we plead. It is You, only You, whom we desperately need. You give new life, even when my life is so tattered. You send Your perfect peace to comfort me in the midst of these raging seas. You cleanse my heart of its former unrighteousness. You love me unconditionally, though I'm such a deplorable mess. Your great, wondrous grace draws me into Your tender care.

"Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." (2 Timothy 2:22)

Draw me nearer, O Holy One, for it is You alone my heart desires. I am pursuing You with passion. Draw me into Your never ending mercies, let them flow over the parched land of my soul. I cry to You, for only You can save me. I run far away from the malicious and heinous snares of sin and death, and I run head-on into the warmth and light of Your loving Presence.

"For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live." (Romans 8:13)

I wish to live, but only if this life of mine is flooded in fellowship with Christ the Lord Himself. So I invite You into this day, and every day, O Holy Spirit of God.

You can rescue my soul, for You alone make my heart whole. I call to You, I know You hear, for Your saving grace is always near. Hallelu Yah! I hope in Thee, for You, O God, are my victory!

-The Introverted Evangelist


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